Research & Development

   Analytical Section

To provide Analytical (Chemical/Instrumental Analysis) and Testing Services for self needs and private Industry

ANALYTICAL SERVICES (Instrumental Chemical & Physical Testing)

Fertilizers Water Lubricants and Oils

1. Minerals testing & analysis (phosphate rock).

2. Fertilizer   testing    (SSP,    DAP,    MAP,    SOP,    MOP,  

Urea,  NP/NPK's, Chelated and Non Chelated Micronutrients.

1. Waste water.

2. Drinking water.

3.Industrial water (boiler/heat exchanger).

1. Heat Transfer oil.

2. Furnace oil.

3. Transfer oil.

4. Hydraulic oil.

5. Thermo oil.

6. Spindle oil.


analysis facilities








   Fertilizer Section/Marketing Cell//Fertilizer Development

Encompasses all research functions related to Fertilizer Raw Material and Fertilizer Production, Development & Marketing

  • Marketing Cell

One of the segments of “Fertilizer Research” in the Institute of Engineering & Fertilizer Research is Marketing Cell among others, especially for experimental products developed under “Fertilizer Development Section”.

  • Development of Fertilizer Grades/Special Fertilizer Grades

Fertilizer/Experimental Products developed were research oriented, solution oriented and problem targeted faced by Pakistani Farmer’s in the case of soil and water capital to achieve maximum yield levels of grown crops