Students societies are responsible for conducting various educational and recreational activities for students such as debates, seminars, annual nights, annual sports, fun fair and other such events. These societies run by the students, arrange various events that provides a welcome relief from the pressure of their daily routine. The faculty and administration also encourages these activities as they provide healthy platform for students to develop organizational and managerial skills.

  IEFR Literary Society

The Literary society has the pride of being the oldest society of NFC IEFR, which was founded in 1999. Society is playing an important role in the grooming of IEFRians, by providing them platform for their extra curricular activities. The Literary society has been arranging different events after its foundation, which includes: The Annual Night (celebrated every year), Funfair, all Faisalabad Qirat & NAAT competition, the Seerat-un-Nabi conference and different dinners & iftar parties.

  IEFR Debating Society

Debating has been called the "Art of Persuasion". Many students have art to fuse the hearts, but this art was going to waste. Debating society was established to save this art and to use this for the betterment of communication skills. Debating society is concerned with promoting debate and organizing various debating activities in the IEFR campus. After the establishment of the society, different inter faculty & inter university declamation contest has been arranged by the society. Members of the society also won various debating competition in different universities.

  Engineer's Blood Donor Society(EBDS)

In the Quran, Allah says, "To save one life is to save all humanity". EBDS is working for a noble cause by serving the community and saving the lives of people. Its objective is "To serve the humanity". The motto of EBDS is "just a drop can crop" and it was proved because lives of more than 100 people were cropped by the donation of blood by the members of this society. EBDS arranges blood camp once a year. Seminars and workshops for the awareness on different health issues are also arranged by this society.

  IEFRian's Hostel Society

IEFRian's Hostel Society is the pioneer society in the Institute for the hostel students, which helps out the students from their personal and hostel problems. All the members of this society are the role model for the other students because the selection criteria are so crystal clear. The society also arranged different programs for the hostel students.The main objectives of this society are:

  1. The members must establish relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for new comers.
  2. Besides their academic studies, students are helped to imbibe a high sense of discipline and values as they interact and live in the hostel.
  3. To promote and propagate the ideas of the society by means of seminars, literature, music-concerts, painting exhibitions, fitness culture and encourage the study of philosophy, arts, science and aid to real understanding etc.
  4. To arrange and organize social, cultural, educational programs and functions from time to time including get-together celebrations of festivals, independence day, other national days and occasions etc.
  5. Provide a complete spectrum of residential, educational and counseling services.
  6. Helping to overcome obstacles blocking their personality development.
  7. Strives to provide a peaceful and harmonious environment.

  ASME-NFC Chapter

ASME is a not-for-profit membership organization that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, career enrichment, and skills development across all engineering disciplines, toward a goal of helping the global engineering community develop solutions to benefit lives and livelihoods. Founded in 1880 by a small group of leading industrialists, ASME has grown through the decades to include more than 130,000 members in 158 countries. Thirty-thousand of these members are students. ASME NFC IEFR CHAPTER has founded in 2010. In this short run till now ASME NFC CHAPTER progressed well. A big achievement of asme nfc iefr was student leader ship seminar 2012. Such types of events organized by asme are of great importance for students. .these events provide a platform to students to show off their talent, improve their management skills and boost up their confidence level.

  IEFR-ACM Chapter

THE IEFR ACM Student Chapter has been established at NFC IE&FR Computer Science Department. IEFR ACM Chapter was established to provide platform to the students of NFC IE&FR, where they can interact the worldwide Computer Sciences community and stay in touch with the latest development in the field. ACM's Special Interest Groups offer a wealth of conferences, publications, and activities on the local-to-global scale, providing unlimited opportunities for sharing technical expertise and first-hand knowledge of the latest development trends.

Founded in 1947, ACM is a major force in advancing the skills of information technology professionals and students worldwide. Today, ACM's 80,000 members and the public turn to ACM for the industry’s leading Portal to Computing Literature, authoritative publications and pioneering conferences, providing leadership for the 21st century.

  SMEP − NFC Chapter

The Society of Mechanical Engineers of Pakistan is formed with the aim of providing a platform to the Mechanical Engineers in Pakistan. According to some estimates there are more than 17000 mechanical engineers actively involved in various fields ranging from manufacturing to services.A need to unite the mechanical engineers serving in Pakistan was long felt, this was needed to increase professional's competence, introduce standardization, improve quality of education, provide better growth opportunities for mechanical engineering professional and above all provide the mechanical engineers serving in all of their diverse areas of interests a platform so their voice can be heard. With these expressed and declared aims. The Society of Mechanical Engineers of Pakistan (SMEP) was formed.

  IEFRIAN Engineers Forum

This society maintains close coordination among the IEFR alumni employed at various organizations throughout the country. The main objectives of Engineer's forum are to build up the image/introduction of "NFC IEFR" in the industrial sector, to establish relationship with industry, particularly with NFC IEFR graduates; to help the young engineers for employment in the industry, helping the students in the industrial training, participation of the institute in the engineering activities in various plat forms, career development of young engineers of NFC IEFR, arrangement of training course/ workshop for the students through senior graduates of NFC IEFR Faisalabad.

  IAHR NFC-IE&FR PAKISTAN Young Professional Network

The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), founded in 1935, is a worldwide independent organization of engineers and water specialists working in fields related to the hydro-environmental sciences and their practical application. Activities range from river and maritime hydraulics to water resources development and eco-hydraulics, through to ice engineering, hydro-informatics and continuing education and training. In order to benefit the students of Civil Engineering Department in their academic and professional life, the IAHR Young Professionals Network (YPN) was established in 2016 under the Supervision & Guidance of Prof. Dr. Saqib Ehsan, Head Civil Engineering Department at NFC-IEFR, Faisalabad ( YPN is putting its full efforts to make the purpose of its creation fruitful by organizing different events, activities, workshop and seminars as well. The YPN has recently organized Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and motivational lectures:

  • CPD Lecture on, “Water Resources and Energy” conducted by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arshad,ChairmanDeptt. of Irrigation and Drainage, UAF Faisalabad
  • CPD Lecture on, “Corrosion resistance structure: FRP Reinforced concrete structure” by Dr. QasimShaukhat khan,Assistant Professor, UET Lahore.
  • Motivational Lecture on,“Journey to Success” by Sheikh Atif Ahmad
  • Motivational Lecture on,“HarFard Hai Millat K MukadarKaSitara” by Zeshan Afzal