Internship and Placement Bureau

The purpose of the internship program is to provide a planned transition from the Institutional curriculum to a personal and professional setting in a students’ area of interest. During the internship experience, the student will test the practical application of the theories of academic learning in the professional setting under the guidance and supervision of professional staff members. The students will have the opportunity to evaluate the field of organization as a professional career, identifies strengths and weaknesses of professional behavior and allow him/her to enter the professional world gradually under competent supervision and guidance.

In IEFR, there is separate bureau, which is responsible for arranging internships for students during the summer vacation in numerous organizations and industries. Arrangement for internship is normally of 8-12 weeks duration. The students are required to submit a brief report on the work carried out during internship. On completion of such trainings, students receive certificates, which is a formidable asset for lifetime. The placement Bureau keeps liaison with the leading engineering, industrial and commercial organizations, supplies information and guidance to the final year students, regarding their employment prospects and publicizes the jobs available with the employers.