Chemical Engineering

Departement Overview

Have you ever wondered how raw materials are transformed into useful products, what is involved in the production of high tech materials, how materials which are used in industrial applications are designed, how one would invent a fuel cell, Who makes new synthetic materials such as artificial hearts and biodegradable polymers? Who invents methods to control emissions of carbon dioxide and toxic gases? Who designs & operates oil refineries to produce ultra-low Sulphur diesel and lead free petrol? Who designs most advanced nuclear reactors? Who develops long range missiles and who flourishes processes for obtaining medicines from biological organisms? Have you ever thought about how all of these processes are so much more environment friendly than processes of 50 years ago? It is likely that chemical engineers have played a vital role in the answers to these questions. They are manufacturing the materials that are the building blocks of almost everything around us. Chemical engineers make a difference to today’s society and those of the future.

Chemical Engineering involves the design, development, operation and management of industrial processes that turn raw materials into valuable products. The principles underlying such processes include chemical reactions, separation (distillation, evaporation, drying, filtration), flow of materials (gas, liquids, particulate solids) and physical phenomena (heat transfer, fluid flow, diffusion) and, when arranged in a sequence with precision control and proper instrumentation, these operations make up a manufacturing process. Society needs chemical engineers to safely develop new processes and products in a way that helps to manage resource and protect the environment as efficiently as possible.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica “Chemical Engineering is the development of processes, design and operation of plants in which materials undergo changes in their physical or chemical state in an economical way. Applied throughout the process industries, it is established on the principles of chemistry, physics, and mathematics along with economics”.

Department’s Mission

"To empower the graduates with excellent technical and leadership skills, integrity and moral values for sustainable development of society and to prepare them in academia, R&D organizations and industry with the pursuit of advanced studies and innovations."

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The main objectives of the undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering department are to provide a solid foundation of mathematical, scientific and engineering knowledge to its graduates along with the development of intellectual skills essential for their prosperous and successful careers.

The PEOs of Chemical Engineering Program are given below. These PEOs will be evaluated and reviewed after 3-5years of the graduation of each Session.

PEO-1: To serve the chemical and allied industries in leading positions with strong technical and professional education and skills.

PEO-2: To cope with rapidly changing technological advancements with core knowledge in multidisciplinary sectors i.e. education, entrepreneurship, research & development.

PEO-3: To be able as contributor in society & environment for sustainable development with social responsibility & ethical values.