Research & Development

Departement Overview

Research & Development plays an important role in the country’s growth & development. Being an agricultural country, fertilizers play an important role in the development and expansion of agricultural sector in Pakistan. In order to keep abreast with the latest technologies in the world and for the augmentation of agriculture sector, it was realized to develop facilities for fertilizer research & development. In 1986, Fertilizer Research & Development Institute (FR & DI) was established with financial and technical assistance of UNDP and National Fertilizer Corporation of Pakistan.

The Research & Development department at NFC IE&FR is committed to high level research and development in the broad fields of engineering, science & technology, monitored in terms of improvements to existing research and development activities as well as the growth in new activities. The department is providing services to the national industries on NO PROFIT NO LOSS BASIS. The Research & Development Laboratories has now been recently registered with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Government of the Punjab as the reference Environmental laboratory for the liquid effluents / wastes.

Our Vision

To create an outstanding climate of support for University Researchers, broadly enabling stellar research advances in applied Engineering & Technology.

Our Mission

To Support Strong infrastructure for interdisciplinary research by partnering with the research community for creating a culture of inevitable research achievements.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • Provide exceptional research administrative services while effectively managing risks and opportunities
  • Develop strategies and a plan for open and clear communication
  • Improve access to key information
  • Improve researcher productivity and satisfaction by reducing administrative burden
  • Decrease barriers to collaboration