BS Cyber Security


As Organizations and businesses across all domains increase their online and network footprint, cyber threats are becoming more critical than ever before. The Cyber Security program is designed to meet today’s business requirements while focusing on designing secure infrastructure and developing hands-on experience and problem-solving capabilities among students.

Cyber Security careers are expected to grow 32% between 2018 and 2028 (worldwide), significantly higher than the average growth for all fields, as a result of increased cyber threats across all industries. Cyber Security job market is everywhere including financial organizations, Ethical Hacking, HealthCare, Smart cities, Cyber Warfare, the Internet of Things, Digital surveillance systems, Supply chain organizations, Cryptocurrencies, Digital and mobile Forensics, Mobile App and Web/Software development, Information Security Auditing.

Cyber security in Pakistan is an ongoing concern as the country is highly vulnerable to cyber- attacks. The country has been increasingly targeted by cybercriminals, as well as state actors, who seek to gain access to sensitive government and military information. As a result, the government of Pakistan is focused and is taking steps to strengthen its cyber security framework and protect the country's critical infrastructure. Looking at the expansion in cyber security during recent years, this technology has become a vital part of data sensitive, Defense and Government organizations, Public access data networks where privacy matter like NADRA, FBR, WAPDA, SNGPL, Telecom Networks, Banks, Stock Exchange, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Aviation, Law enforcement agencies, etc. and almost all fields of life.

The BS (Cyber Security) program is intended to produce skilled professionals to understand the processes that impact information security, safeguarding information assets, collection and preservation of digital evidence, analysis of data, and identification and fixing of security vulnerabilities. The program will equip students with the fundamental knowledge of computer science that forms the technical foundation of the field, with an essential focus on experiential learning through laboratory exercises in the security courses. This degree is a state-of-the-art course with a perfect blend of Cyber Security that is designed to set the graduates up for immediate industry success by combining and leveraging today’s cutting-edge technology with real-world scenarios.

  Eligibility Criteria

An applicant for admission to the BS Cyber Security bachelor’s degree course must fulfill the following requirement

a) Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) with Pre-Engineering / ICS / DAE /A-Levels or equivalent (with Mathematics) having 50% marks.

b) Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) with Pre-Medical having 50% marks. (They must pass deficiency Mathematics courses of 06 credit hours in the first two semesters.