Electrical Engineering

Faculty Profile

Dr. Junaid Alvi

Assistant Professor/Coordinator

PEC Number: Elect/27897
Email: mjalvi1987@gmail.com

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Experience(Years): 11


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2. Junaid Alvi, M., Izhar, T., Ali Qaiser, A., & Anjum, A. (2019). Electro-Mechanical Design and Creep Analysis of Proposed Enclosure for Flexible Gas Insulated Line Regarding Subsurface Metropolitan Applications of High-Voltage Transmission Lines. Electronics, 8(9), 929.

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6. Hafiz Shafqat Kharal, Muhammad Kamran, Junaid Alvi,Rahmat Ullah, Muhammad Zaheer Saleem. “Environment-Friendly and Efficient Gaseous Insulator as a Potential Alternative to SF6” (Accepted in Processes).(Accepted)

1. Alvi, Muhammad Junaid, et al. "Pliability Assay of Conventional Gas Insulated Transmission Line and Flexible Gas Insulated Transmission Line Regarding Horizontal Directional Drilling Based Underground Cable Laying for Metropolitan Areas." 2018 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering and 2018 IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Europe (EEEIC/I&CPS Europe). IEEE, 2018.