Chairman's Message

I am honored to have this opportunity to address you as Chairman Board of Directors of NFC-IE&FR. I believe that if we want to have a balanced society, masses must be provided with equal opportunities to grow and prosper in life. The availability of quality higher education creates such opportunities. If we make higher education available and affordable for our talented youth, it will lay the foundation of a vibrant and growing society enabling us to stand among the leading nations.
NFC-IE&FR is participating effectively and efficiently in the national effort to broaden the base of educational programs leading to higher degrees in the field of engineering and scientific research. Currently, Institute offers B.Sc. degree programs in Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences, BBA, four years B.Sc. Engineering Technologies in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Master degree in Chemical Engineering.
I firmly believe that the role of our Institute must respond to phenomenal changes unleashed by rapid advancement in science and technology for the economic development of the country as well as challenges posed by globalization. I am confident that our Institute will acquire this prime objective with professional competence, commitment and dedication of management and highly qualified faculty. The Institute’s future road map will be aligned so as to spearhead national efforts to achieve sustainable developmental goals and vision 2025 of the Government.
Our multifaceted 21st century curriculum provides adequate breadth and depth to IE&FR students in their education to pursue rapidly evolving areas. Our graduates are much sought after by leading academic institutions as well as organizations which is a solid indicator of the high quality of our different programs.
In recent years, the Institute has seen the launch of new academic programs, the hiring of much more full time Ph.D. faculty. More over strengthening of the faculty will be among my priorities. I hope to see our faculty recognized inside and beyond the Institute for excellence in both research and teaching. I welcome knowledge seekers, students and professionals to experience the enjoying and congenial learning environment at NFC-IE&FR. I am immensely proud to be leading this highly innovative and professional place and envision making it one of the leading engineering Institute in Pakistan. On behalf of all of us at NFC-IE&FR, I invite you to become a part of our ever-expanding network of excellence.

Engineer Omar Saeed Malik

Chairman Board of Directors, IEFR

Chief Executive & Managing Director

National Fertilizer Corporation

Ministry of Industries & Production, Pakistan